Our story

The 'Bouchon Lyonnais' is synonymous with hearty, wholesome food; fresh produce home-cooked and served without pretension. Isabelle and Laura (les filles) met while waitressing at the Café des Fédérations - at that time owned by Yves Rivoiron. They wanted to preserve the traditions of the Bouchon’s formidable female chefs (les meres lyonnaises), and so eleven years ago they opened the doors of their very own 'Bouchon des Filles' – an eatery steeped in authentic French charm and bustle, serving contemporary dishes that remain faithful to traditional Bouchon fare, but with fewer calories.

How to find us

20, rue Sergent-Blandan,
près de la place Sathonay
69001 Lyon

+33 (0)4 78 30 40 44
Open every nights
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Lunch and evening
Opening: from 12.00 to 1.30pm and 7 to 10pm

Booking advisable